NCDP offers                           


  • Information and advice on Welfare Rights.
  • Information and advice on issues relating to the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Information and training to increase the levels of awareness for disability and disability issues.

We don’t offer

  • Medical opinions, advice or treatment – this is the province of qualified medical and health professionals.


We achieve this by 


  • Making disabled people aware of disability laws and any changes that may affect them.
  • Talking to people with knowledge on legal and welfare issues on behalf of disabled people.
  • Distribute and signpost information relevant to disabled people.
  • Working to improve facilities and information aimed at disabled people.
  • Speaking in Committees and Forums on behalf of disabled people.


Who is it for?


  • Disabled people.
  • Carers.
  • Partners.
  • People with an interest in disability and disability issues.


The NCDP operates a policy of complete confidentiality for all service users