NCDP offers                           


  • Information and advice on Welfare Rights.
  • Information and advice on issues relating to the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Information and training to increase the levels of awareness for disability and disability issues.

We don’t offer

  • Medical opinions, advice or treatment – this is the province of qualified medical and health professionals.


We achieve this by 


  • Making disabled people aware of disability laws and any changes that may affect them.
  • Talking to people with knowledge on legal and welfare issues on behalf of disabled people.
  • Distribute and signpost information relevant to disabled people.
  • Working to improve facilities and information aimed at disabled people.
  • Speaking in Committees and Forums on behalf of disabled people.


Who is it for?


  • Disabled people.
  • Carers.
  • Partners.
  • People with an interest in disability and disability issues.


The NCDP operates a policy of complete confidentiality for all service users



NCDP are looking for volunteers

If you are disabled or not we want you!

Do you have any free time?

If you have skills you feel we could use, whether it be to distribute leaflets, assist with handling calls, or even manage the office.

We have a place for you.



We are closed one week at Easter, one week during Summer and three weeks at Christmas

Office Hours

Monday and Thursday

10.00am to 12 noon

In exceptional circumstances the offices may be closed for short periods.


We are happy to give talks about our work and on disability discrimination, to interested groups and organizations